Face Licking

? sperm stealer, who seduces men, hypnotising them through bad breath WMV HD 720p

CLIP REQUEST:Here is a story of a sperm stealer who seduces men, hypnotising them through bad breath.You are dressed in a tight revealing t-shirt and shorts with bare hands and manicured nails. You come close in front of the camera and tell that you are going to call your neighbour and the idea about seducing him and stealing his sperm. You can say “I want more sperm to make more money. I will call the neighbour and take him into my hands, will seduce him by doing ‘Kussu Kussu’ to his nostrils which will hypnotise him and make him weak. Then it will be easy to grab his crotch and fondle him. I will carry him to my milking couch and make him sit on my lap then milk his cock”…… Then you will laugh like a seductress and say ‘Kussu Kussu’ few times in front of the camera.        Next scene the man comes home and asks why she called him. So you stand sexily infront of him showing your boobs in t-shirt and will say “I want some milk can you give it to me?”…the man gets confused and says that he does not have any milk…then you say “I know you have milk inside your pants and I am going to take it” and you show your claws in front of him as if to grab him…..the man gets scared and starts backing off as you slowly proceed to go near him to catch him…..the man slowly moves backwards and hits the wall….then you laugh and say “hahaha…you cannot escape from my hands, I am going to catch you and do kussu kussu…I will grab your crotch and fondle and will make you helpless”……then you proceed towards him and catch him by his waist and pull him towards you and with one hand around his waist and the other hand going down and grabbing his crotch, you start to fondle him by rubbing and squeezing his crotch…..he will start becoming weak and will pleading to leave him alone so that he can run away….but you will continue fondling him and you start saying kussu kussu, and you will bring his head to your mouth and start telling kussu kussu infront of his nostrils for sometime as you are fondling his crotch and he becomes weak and will surrender in your hands. You will move behind him and reach around your hand fondling his crotch for sometime while your holding his head by the other hand close to your mouth and you telling kussu in his ears.        Next you will tell him “Come I will take you and milk you on my lap” and you can pull him by his crotch or if you can try to lift him and carry him on your waist and bring him to the couch or sofa, then you make him sit on your lap comfortably. Once he is comfortable on your lap and you are also comfortable, you start make him hard by fondling his crotch and telling kussu kussu many times, intermittently licking his face, kissing him, telling kussu and so on……after sometime of fondling and making him hard over his pants, you can unzip his pants and put your hand inside and fondle…little later you put your hand more deeper into his underwear and then milk him and drain him out….. once he is drained, you laugh and say “I finally got the sperm out of you”.