Layla Farts In Her Pink Leggings During Yoga WMV*

Layla Moore is feeling up to doing some Yoga in her Living room and that is where she feels most comfortable at doing her favorite Yoga poses and stretches.Yet she feels very Gassy and thinks she feels it is best to just continue doing her Yoga poses and stretches because she is home alone.Layla just lets it rip right through the Pink Yoga Pants she is wearing by doing some Downward Dogg pose stretching out her back thighs allowing her to Fart as much as she needs to.She changes positions and gets on her knees and begins trying to stretch out her spine and ends up just Farting so much she just gives in her needs to Fart in these tight Pink Leggings! One Fart right after another she just doesn’t stop! She is a Farting Yoga Machine! Come Check it Out! HD 1080P WMV EDITION*