Evil (HD MP4)

A pregnant hitchhiker is waiting for a ride, a girl in a car asks if she needs a ride, she says yes and gets in the back seat. Then she injects the driver with a needle to paralyze her. She’s still awake but can’t move too much. She moans and try’s to scream. The hitchhiker puts her into the back of the car. The hitchhiker takes off her shorts and is wearing a black thong and high heels. She straddles on top of the driver and puts plastic wrap over her face slowly. The driver try’s to fight but can’t move so she starts moaning trying to breathe…the hitchhiker won’t let her. She keeps smothering her looking deep into her eyes, showing her ass and legs. The driver gets weaker and weaker, she finally fall down…the hitchhiker takes the plastic wrap off her face. But notices she’s still a little bit alive. She puts her hand over her mouth and nose and finishes the job. The hitchhiker puts her shorts back on and drives off with her body in the back seat.