Boytoy For Mommy And Daughter-WMV-1080p

Custom Video- No names used.  Mommy and daughter both love picking up young men and bringing them back to the house for some “fun”.  They think they are coming back for a hot 3some but they soon find out they will become our little play toy.  It’s daughter’s 16th birthday and I have such a surprise for her! Not only did I bring home this young college boy for some “fun”, but I am giving her the keys to a brand new BMW thanks to daddy’s life insurance money!  She will be so surprised! Plus I need to teach her how to “play” with these boys.  The last one I brought home, she went a little too far with the plastic bag and mommy had to bring out the defibrillator to bring the boy back after she went a little too far!!! So now, I will show her together how to bring them to the brink but not over ! Mommy loves using cigarettes to play too!!! We have so much in common. This will be the best 16th birthday ever!!!!!!