ARIEL – Weather Problems – BRUTAL Facekicking And Facestomping – UNTIL KO!

When the weather gets better, I suffer more! The Mistresses have more energy and they are harder than me and humiliate me more! In the summer, everybody enjoys, but I do overtime slavery! Especially when Ariel owns me, it a Golgotha for me as she is always in the mood to hurt me!It is true that when is summer I am also slower and lazy because of the hot and because I am not allowed to open the air condition. I licked the sandals of Ariel clean and I did my best, but I know that she will notice that the house is not totally clean. I ask her if I can serve her a drink or do something for her, but she says that she is in the mood to kick my face! She starts to stomp and kick my face BRUTALLY and non stop, crushing it like a cigarette and smothering me when her feel land on my face with power. She kicks me hard and fast or even with both feet, after several brutal stomps I start to get dizzy and finally with a huge pain, everything turns black and I fall on the floor!